Develop New Albany Pillar Awards

Pillar Renaissance Award: 

The Pillar Renaissance Award is intended to recognize an individual, business or organization that has made a significant investment in physical improvements to the downtown and uptown areas. One to three awards will be granted in any one year.

The investment maybe in renovating an historic structure, building a new structure, or renovating a non-historic structure and should have been substantially completed in the previous year ending May 31st. The number of awards granted will be determined by the Directors of the award program based upon nominations received.

Criteria in selecting the winner include: 

  • Project Size, including dollar cost and square footage of the new renovated building
  • Historical significance of the building renovated (if applicable)
  • Condition of the building prior to renovation
  • Importance of the project to the business district
  • Architectural significance of the new or renovated building

Past Winners Include: YMCA of Southern Indiana Floyd County Branch, Community Bank, Bottles Unlimited, Schad & Palmer, Bank of Salem, Jefferson Conner Building, Louis Goodbub Building/Comfy Cow, Windsor Hotel, 


Pillar Horizon Award:

The Pillar Horizon Award recognizes a new or emerging business or organization. Nominees should have been in downtown or uptown areas five years or less. 

Criteria in selecting the winner include:

  • Size and growth of business or organization, including number of employees
  • Importance of business or organization to the business district
  • Potential of business or organization to attract additional development

Past Winners Include: Mariposa Fine Consignments, Quill's Coffee, Colokial and Dress & Dwell, River City Winery, Bank Street Brewhouse, Gallery on Pearl, Destinations Booksellers, The Grand, Classic Furniture, Third Century, Seeds & Greens Natural Market & Deli,


Pillar Foundation Award:

The Pillar Foundation Award recognizes a business or organization that has proved to be a foundation to the downtown or uptown areas. Nominees must have been in business for 10 years or more

Criteria in selecting the winner include:

  • Size and growth of business or organization, including number of employees
  • Recent growthof business or organization
  • Contribution of business to the revitalization or economic viability of the business district

Past Winners Include: St. Marks United Church of Christ, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Rookies Cookies, Ricke & Associates, Strandz Salon & Threadz Boutique, Padgett Inc., Nance Floral Shoppe, Firestone, Kraft Funeral Services, Michell Timperman Ritz, Kaiser's Tobacco, Bush-Keller, J.O. Endris, Schmitt Furniture, Carnegie Center for Art & History


Pillar Achievement Award:

The Pillar Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the downtown or uptown areas. The contribution may be through one significant project or through years of ongoing service. 

Examples Include: 

  • An individual in public service who has demonstrated commitment to the business districts
  • An individual affiliated with a business or non-profit organization who has personally contributed to the downtown or uptown areas.
  • An individual who has been responsible for a specific renovation or development project.

Past Winners Include: Greg Sekula, Rich Robinson, Stefanie Griffith, Doug and Shelle England, Claudette and John Waggoner, Susan Kaempfer & Mike Kopp, James Garner, Mike Ricke, Al Goodman, David Barksdale, Jackie James, Robert Caesar, Bill Chilton, Bill & Mary Heinz, Larry & Ann Ricke, Ed Clere,